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Ft. Lauderdale DUI Attorney

Choosing a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can be a daunting task. When your future is on the line, it’s normal to feel scared and alone. That’s why you need a law firm that understands how the legal system can work for or against you. When you’ve been accused of a major crime like theft or drug possession, you want to hire a team of experienced, seasoned professionals who will fight aggressively for your rights and, most of all, have your back from beginning to the end of your case.

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney with Decades of Experience

Are you facing criminal charges? Maybe you think the system is rigged against you, or you believe that it’s simply not worth fighting for justice. But you can challenge your charges with a smart best defense. It all starts by enlisting the help of trusted criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale that you can depend on. At the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A., we’re here to defend you to the best of our ability and will always look out for your best interests.  Don’t accept anything less than the most knowledgeable attorney with a track record of success when it comes to fighting for your future.

What Can I Expect From My Criminal Defense Team?

Contrary to what you’ve heard from friends or seen on TV, many criminal charges can be lessened or even eliminated in some circumstances. Through over 30 years of experience trying similar cases  to yours in court, the criminal defense team at the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A., knows exactly what evidence to look for and what common scenarios can work in the defense’s favor, such as:

  1. Mishandling of Evidence
  2. Lack of Probable Cause
  3. First Time Offender
  4. Violation of Constitutional Rights
  5. Lack of Physical Evidence
  6. Unreliable Facts
  7. Pleading Self-Defense
  8. Cooperation in Other Cases

At the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A., we may use one or more of these approaches to defend you and present your case in the best light to the judge. We know how to find holes in the prosecution’s case, as well as illustrating the mishandling of justice by law enforcement at the time of the crime.

Mishandling of evidence, violation of constitutional rights by law enforcement, and unreliable facts are all scenarios that may help reduce or eliminate your charges. In other circumstances, your cooperation in another crucial case may help to get you a good plea deal from the prosecution or get the charges dropped altogether.

Call Today and Get Your Future Back on Track

At the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A., we’re here to fight for your rights. You deserve the very best criminal defense, as everyone is entitled to a fair and just trial. It can be overwhelming to face charges and entertain the thought of jail time, but the right criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can make all the difference. Don’t settle for anything less than the best criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Call our criminal defense team at the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, toll-free at (844) 463-6155 today.