Family Violence issues are painful and lead to actions that are often regretted.  There are no winners in Domestic Violence Court.  These casesrequire extreme care and sensitivity.  In addition, Stalking and Cyber Stalking can lead to serious consequences.  These are frequent areas of mistake and misunderstanding.  An experienced lawyer is needed to avoid the potential for life changing events that can have lasting and sometimes catastrophic effects.  CarlosCanet has broad experience handling cases in DV Court.  He has represented both male and female defendant’s who found themselves accused of harming a loved one.  Very often, he has found a way to find a resolution, either through dismissals or participation in programs, to obtain gratifying results in difficult situations.

The Firm is also very familiar with the Domestic Court Restraining Order.  These are usually the result of unwanted attention and can be everything from mildly abusive behavior to outright stalking and aggravated stalking.  This type of legal predicament can lead to an undesirable blemish on an otherwise clean record.  In addition, the stigma attached to such an order can be embarrassing despite the existence of innocent circumstances.  Restraining Orders are handled in Civil Court.  This is one of those areas where questionable criminal conduct overlaps with civil disputes.  If you are faced with a Restraining Order, you would be advised to obtained knowledgeable and experienced counsel.  Going it alone will often lead to disappointing results.  Care must be taken in confronting a temporary restraining order.  They can easily become permanent and remain on your record.

If you are facing a case in DV Court or if you have been served with a Restraining Order, contact the Law Office of Carlos A Canet and find out how he can help you avoid negative consequences.

It is important to understand the statutes that govern domestic violence and stalking.