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Facing a DUI charge can be devastating. Depending on the charge you are handed, you could even feel like the world is crumbling beneath your feet. Someone who is accused of DUI manslaughter could be facing a great amount of time in prison, and just like you, we understand the severity of the case, and are more than willing to put our best foot forward and provide you with professional assistance. With a team such as the one at The Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A., you no longer have to confront this on your own. A prepared DUI Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is here to advise you and represent you, when you need it.

The Benefits of Consulting with a Seasoned DUI Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Our leading attorney Carlos A. Canet has over 30 years of experience in the field, aiding those who have been accused of driving under the influence, possibly taking someone’s lives while inebriated or with intoxicated with drugs. With these many years of experience and vast knowledge in the field, Mr. Canet is more than equipped to handle your DUI case. After all, having a trusted and reputable DUI Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will guarantee that you have the proper defense during the case, one that at least gets you one step closer to coming out victorious in such circumstance.

Over the years, we have been able to see firsthand how detrimental a poorly constructed argument can be to your case. This is precisely why Mr. Canet has taken and continues to take such a detailed oriented approach in each case. We know that State & Government may come to battle. And they will surely not be as caring about your interests, instead looking out for the interests of their clients – which is why we have and continue to make sure that we are more than prepared to take on our duty to defend and protect the rights of every one of our clients.

In order to understand your particular needs and to build an unwavering defense, a DUI Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will conduct an initial meeting with you, to make sure that we get down all the crucial details on paper. We will work to collect all relevant evidence, speak with witnesses, review the crime scene and much more, all while relying on strong legal research. Having access to all pertinent information, we will develop a case strategy and bring to court unbeatable arguments in your defense. In the event that you or someone close to you, needs an experienced and determined DUI Lawyer to fight for you in court, contact The Law Office of Carlos A. Canet P.A. and let us face the court for you. Our attorney will fight aggressively for you, not leaving a rock unturned and a piece of evidence not brought to court. Speak with us today and see what a professional defense team can do for you.