Criminal Defense Lawyer Carlos Canet provides effective and knowledgeable representation in all sex related offenses.  Sex Related Offenses are very nearly always the most serious type pf felony charge anyone can face.  Needless to say, to be effective the lawyer of choice MUST have extensive experience.  Everyone understands that there is much at stake.

Sex Related Offenses can involve violent contact, no contact and mere possession of prohibited images.  The penalties can be harsh.  See the Offense Penalties page to learn specifics.  The lawyer must take great care in his approach toward defending this type of case.  In may instances, a detailed psychological profile is required.  This type of profile can set the stage for significant mitigation and downward departure.  The attorney must have at his disposal the experts needed to bring this about.  Attorney Carlos Canet has the necessary network of world class defense experts available to assist him with whatever expertise and opinions are needed to provide the best possibility of maximum mitigation.

Possession of prohibited materials is also a grave offenses that can lead to devastating consequences.  The lawyer must have the expertise and experts at his disposal to carefully investigate all search and seizure issues.  Care must also be taken in examining the client for evidence of issues that can help lessen the effect of this type of accusation.

Do not make the mistake of taking on this type of serious prosecution with experienced and knowledgeable counsel.  This is not the time to think twice about what is needed to prevent the worst from happening.

South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Carlos Canet has the knowledge and experience necessary to help through these difficult times.  He can provide effective and sensitive representation.  However, he does retain the aggressiveness needed to challenge all the government’s evidence and experts to provide for the best possible outcome.

Schedule an appointment at his South Florida location and learn how he can help you.