Federal Cyber Crimes and Computer related offenses and digital activities are heavily regulated and carry significant penalties.  Theft and Fraud associated to computer use are now as typical as drug trafficking in Federal Court.  Identity Theft is pursued aggressively and tirelessly by Federal authorities.  Effective representation is sophisticated and heavily dependent on well founded technical knowledge and expertise.

Possession of child pornography was once limited to books and paper images.  Those days are long past.  Although those acts are still severely punished, The existence of computers and digital storage media has made possession of child pornography a cyber offense.  As might be imagined, the Government is once again aggressive and punitive in its prosecution of those caught for these alleged offenses.  The penalties are hard and unforgiving.  These types of offenses absolutely demand knowledgeable and talented legal counsel.

Effective representation is sophisticated and heavily dependent on technical knowledge.  Quite often important constitutional protections are implicated.  These cases can sometimes hinge on complicated search and seizure questions which can be the only way to rescue the accused.  The cases involving possession of pornography may require a careful psychological approach in order to mitigate what may be devastating evidence.

Mr. Canet has over thirty years experience fighting and arguing the difficult and sensitive case.  In that time he has often obtained success when the situation appeared difficult and hopeless.