Fighting Cyber Crime in Fort Lauderdale

Today, the high tech way most of us live has opened the door to cybercrime, a technological crime which is extremely dangerous and with little hope of an end in sight. Because cybercrime can involve someone hacking into your personal information and stealing your identity through the use of a computer and the Internet specifically, it is considered one of the most dangerous and prevalent types of crime in our technologically ruled world today. Cybercrime is a real and ongoing threat all over the world, and new cases threaten the lives of people every day. Have you been the victim of a cybercrime, or have you been accused of one? Then you need an experienced cybercrime attorney like the team at the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A., on your side.

What types of cybercrime can a criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale help with?

  • Identity theft – In the US, computer hacking that leads to identity theft is a felony crime. It is also the most common form of cybercrime where your sensitive and personal information, credit cards, bank accounts, social security info, etc. are accessed without authorization from you. One way a hacker might access your computer information to steal your identity is through malware, a malicious computer virus that renders your computer prisoner but allows the hacker access to your information. If you are accused of identity theft, contact the cybercrime team at the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet. We have been successful in defending hundreds of people in the Fort Lauderdale area and beyond against malicious hacking.
  • Copyright in infringement theft – this type of cybercrime involves the illegal downloading of copyrighted music, movies, and software. With so many music sharing sites available today, it is hard to get a handle on how to regulate this industry. The Federal Bureau of Investigation now targets most of them.
  • Cyberstalking – If you have been accused of cyberstalking, you know it’s equivalent to unlawfully harassing another individual through the use of a computer. Today, with a multitude of social media sites and millions of people advertising themselves and voicing their opinions online, it’s easy to misinterpret innocent adoration for out and out cyberstalking. If you feel you’ve been unjustly accused, please call our legal team today to discuss your defense options.
  • Child pornography and trafficking – this is the most heinous type of cybercrime, and if you’ve been wrongly accused of it, then you’ll want to contact our cybercrime legal team right away. Pedophiles and underage sex traffickers use the Internet to conduct illegal business and, when caught, are often sentenced to decades, if not life in prison. Legally speaking, the cybercrimes of Internet child pornography and sex trafficking are often considered tough cases to defend. If you’ve been wrongly accused of this cybercrime, you need an aggressive legal team like the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet on your side to present your best defense.

If you’ve been found guilty of cybercrime, it is a federal offense and considered a felony, a severe charge that is subject to many years of hard jail time. At the Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, we can help defend your rights if you have wrongly been accused of cybercrime.  Our legal team has a strong history of successfully defending cyber charges. In some cases, we can get your charges reduced, or if there is enough supporting evidence that you have been wrongly accused—we will work to get your case dismissed. Call our team at (844) 463-6155 toll-free today.