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Miami DUI Lawyer

A DUI charge could potentially change your life. It has certainly been known to drastically fragment many people’s lives. This is not something to be taken lightly. The Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A. certainly assumes it with the seriousness it entitles and commits to developing a firm defense for those who are charged with it. With that said, if you or a loved one have been charged with a DUI, contacting a professional Miami DUI Lawyer is of the utmost importance. And let us be clear about this. It is of supreme importance to determine that the individual in charge of your defense is just as passionate and determined to protect your rights and to help you come out victorious as you are about fighting for your rights. Equally important, you will want, or more specifically, you will need a defense attorney who isn’t only willing, but someone who is fully prepared to take the prosecution’s arguments head-on. Confronting them with some unwavering ones in return. Ones that force them and those involved to reflect and come to a conclusion in your defense. Luckily for you, this is exactly what we bring to the table.  


What Exactly is a DUI & How Can a Miami DUI Lawyer Best Advise You   

A DUI, which stands for driving under the influence, is an offense that argues someone has been driving a motor vehicle while inebriated or intoxicated with drugs. The drugs could be either recreational or those prescribed by a physician. People who are determined incapable of responsibly and safely operating a motor vehicle under the effect of either drugs or alcohol, or in some cases both, are charged with this offense. The terminology and the specifics of the offense tend to vary from state to state. The level of the fine or the severity of the sentencing could be different depending on what state you reside in, or more like what state you are charged in. Therefore, these cases tend to vary depending on the unique situation of the clients who face them. Having a skilled and exceedingly knowledgeable attorney who is aware of these variations and informed about the specifics of each case, as well as the law’s influence on them is paramount. The team at The Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A. certainly knows this.  


Needless to say, our experience and level of expertise speak for itself. When we say that we are more than equipped to handle such cases, it’s because we have hundreds of clients who can attest to our commitment and effectiveness in these matters.    


A professional Miami DUI Lawyer can advise and represent you in these affairs. Conducting extensive legal research, interviewing witnesses, visiting the possible crime scene, gathering further evidence and finally compiling it and using it to build an unwavering defense case, are just a few of the things a professional DUI lawyer can do for you. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, speak with the experts at The Law Office of Carlos A. Canet, P.A. and witness the power of a strong defense team.